AG Souss

A Project we did for AG Souss in Agadir, Morocco. 

– Photography

– Video

Akhal Beauty Argan Oil Photoshoot

Argan photography Morocco by Paragon Creative

We love working alongside businesses who are focused on more than just making a profit and capturing the story of their product through our lens.

Akhal Beauty is one such company.

Based in Australia, this skincare company sells products whose materials are sourced from Morocco, such as Argan oil and Prickly Pear oil.  

As a company they are committed to eco-friendly and cruelty-free organic skincare with zero waste. More than that, they are having a social impact. For every product sold they donate one dollar to their charity partner, Education for All (EFA). Education for All focuses on making it possible for girls from the rural High Atlas Mountains of Morocco to finish their education. You can find out more about EFA here.

We traveled with the company’s founder, Myriam Baissa to the women’s cooperative where the Argan kernels and prickly pears are produced and harvested for Akhals organic products. There we photographed the process – from Argan tree to the women sorting the Argan kernels to the machines that coldpress the oil.

It was a pleasure photographing a company committed to providing a quality product while also focusing on its environmental and social impact.

Sofia Benhalima Apartement

Professional photography helps so much when you want to showcase your work. In Agadir we are happy to provide professional photography for your product or service needs. Sofia Benhalima is an interior designer in Agadir Morocco and her work is fantastic! She contacted us to capture the detail of her work both in video and film. In the video Sofia goes on to explain the transformation of each space.

If you have professional phtoography or video needs in Agadir, contact us to realize your vision!


Synergie Media Celebrates 10 Years

As someone once said: “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.  And we were so amazed to see, through videos and photos, how Synergie Media has grown in its 10 years.

Synergie Media is an internet strategy consultancy that helps businesses, NGOs and associations in their online positioning. They also offer training and mentoring of the next generation of project leaders.

Families, friends and partners gathered together for a celebration of the first decade of working together. Throughout the evening there were a few themes that kept emerging. The desire to inspire a new Moroccan generation and to show them that it’s possible to have a dream – a Moroccan dream.

At the end of an evening marked by celebration and gratitude, messages were written on balloons that were released into the Agadir sky. We hope for all success for this group of individuals who are working hard to make the Moroccan dream a reality.

Happy Anniversary, Synergie!


Climate Chance Summit Gala Dinner at Chems Ayour

We had the honor of photographing and filming the Gala dinner for the Climate Chance Summit which took place in Agadir. The event was hosted by Chems Ayour, who pulled out all stops for a fantastic evening which showcased many of the foods and traditions of Morocco.

From a live band playing contemporary hits to traditional musicians and dancers, the evening was filled with a variety of entertainment. There were tables lined with various tajines, cups of hot tea and fresh juice, and many traditional dishes and sweets – Moroccan hospitality at its finest.

More than 80 nationalities were represented, creating a dynamic and diverse atmosphere. From government officials to diplomats to students to business professionals, all shared one thing in common – a passion for the environment and concern over climate change.


Maroc Web Ftours – Agadir


Paragon Creative was honored to document this year’s Maroc Web Ftour in Agadir Morocco. Maroc Web Awards celebrates Morocco’s finest in the industry of the web. From bloggers to photographers, youtubers and radio, people from across the country submitted their application and were awarded this last April in Casablanca.


To continue the atmosphere of creatives in the web industry, the Maroc Web Awards, organized by Synergie Media and INWI, put on a joint event in 10 different cities across the country. The events took place simultaneously on the 17th of June during the month of Ramadan. Each event had the winners from 2017 interviewed and they shared some wisdom with others in similar industries. The evening concluded with breaking the fast (known as Ftour).


The event in Agadir was held at the Sofitel in Agadir  and the award winners featured in Agadir were: Kareem Jebrane and Hamza Haris. This was an exciting event as both featured winners provided insight into their success and answered questions from those who attended.


Disregarded Dreams

Paragon Creative

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Disregarded Dreams – A Documentary Trailer.

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Over the past two weeks Paragon Creative has been working very hard to create a video trailer to submit to a competition put on by Prime & Fire in Europe. The requirement was to create a trailer that displayed a human interest story that involved a specific Nice Sport.

With Just a couple of weeks to shoot the trailer, and even less time to edit, we were able to submit the video an hour before the dead line.

Disregarded Dreams follows the story of a Abdellah, a young man, who after winning the biggest skateboarding competition in Morocco struggles with having a once in a lifetime opportunity torn from him.

Check out the full summary here, and don’t forget to vote!